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10 interesting compare and contrast essay topics

A compare and contrast essay is one where you either compare or contrast two things. You can of course do both, but chances are your paper will be limited in terms of page length and word count, in which case you are often better off selecting only one side to things. You can compare and contrast different features, styles, tools. You can select from two people, books, pieces of art, objects, directions, choices, etc… The possibilities are nearly endless. You can take either side in this, of course:

  1. Compare and/or contrast different views that people hold of their family, perhaps as a child and again as an adult
  2. Compare and/or contrast different methods for overcoming an addiction
  3. Compare and/or contrast different experiences that people have based on where they grow up
  4. Compare and/or contrast two leadership methods that a boss can employ
  5. Compare and/or contrast rules that you had as a child and rules that one day you plan on setting for your child
  6. Compare and/or contrast what is considered an infatuation and what is considered a real loving relationship
  7. Compare and/or contrast two friends
  8. Compare and/or contrast two styles of homes/apartments
  9. Compare and/or contrast two countries based on their culture and their economy
  10. Compare and/or contrast two books/movies/television shows

Of course, picking the topic is the hard part. Once you have your topic in mind, the rest is much easier. You can write about a great many things related to your topic. You can pick literal things, tangible things, physical things, emotional things, etc…

When you start to get all of your thoughts down on paper, it is best for you to organize it in the form of an outline. An outline will enable you to get everything down on paper, play around with the presentation a bit, and find an argument and an order for those arguments that really works well for you. That is the key to writing a great first draft. You can of course set up your paper so that each paragraph in the body of your text is dedicated to one idea, one comparison or one contrast. You can also set it up so that all of the comparisons or contrasts for one item are described in a single paragraph, followed by a paragraph dedicated to the other item.