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A list of easy persuasive essay topics for high school

When you are in high school on of the biggest projects you will have is writing term papers. And one of the most popular types of papers you will have to write is the persuasive essay. The persuasive essay is an essay where you take one side in a debate or on a topic. It is similar to an argumentative essay but less aggressive. Below is a list of possible topics for your paper. Make sure you try and find something that you love or that you can relate to. Remember too that the list below is merely a set of samples from which to choose your topic but you can always choose something else:

  • Write a persuasive essay on what can be done to stop school bullying
  • Write about why school uniforms are good or bad
  • Write about why homework should be banned
  • Write about why diets are unhealthy
  • Write about whether magazines should be prohibited from using photoshop or air brushing techniques
  • Write about how students can be economically friendly
  • Write about what makes a good or bad parent
  • Write about what makes a good or bad friend

Your job is to persuade the readers that school uniforms are fiscally responsible for students or that men should be given a leave of absence for the first few months after their child is born the same way that women get maternity leave.

  • Your job is to write in a thorough manner and point out what makes your side the better side. But you also need to cover the opposition. This is what makes a truly great persuasive essay. If you acknowledge both sides in the debate and point out where there are flaws in the logic of the other side or whey your side has newer evidence then you will show the reader that you are an expert in the topic and have done your research.
  • Keep one idea per paragraph. Make sure that each paragraph covers one point and its supporting evidence.
  • Make sure you use concise and clear language that really draws the reader into your story. The most effective persuasive essay will use language carefully and will select each word artfully. Use your language as a tool to evoke the emotions you want the reader to feel in each argument you make.