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Helpful Suggestions For Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing a compare and contrast essay is an interesting task. However, the most difficult part for students is choosing a unique and interesting topic for their paper. They need to pick a topic that describes their subject the best and can attract the readers at the same time.

Here are some example topics to help students understand the format and structure of a compare and contrast essay.

  1. What is the similarity between reading a novel and watching a movie?
  2. How is the religion Islam different from Christianity? What are the similarities between the two?
  3. What are the impacts of the culture on the citizens and villagers of the environment they live in?
  4. What is the difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition? Give examples to support your stance
  5. How is organic food healthier and better in the long run as compared to food you buy from outside or junk companies
  6. Is there any similarity between people who smoke cigarettes and those who are addicted to tea or coffee?
  7. How is a narcissist different from an under confident being? Explain your answer with examples to help the readers get a clear picture
  8. How can you tell if the writer of a story is optimistic or pessimist? Does writing exhibit the true character of the author?
  9. How is freelancing better than a regular job? What are the basic differences between freelance and regular employment
  10. Is it safer to buy things on the internet or to go to a mart to shop physically? Justify your opinion with logical reasoning
  11. Is mobile device a better option to stay connected to your contacts or would you prefer to have your personal computer for this purpose? Explain with facts
  12. Compare and contrast the life of a person living in west with that of people living in the east
  13. Explain the similarities between human beings and other mammals that dwell on the planet Earth
  14. How are the planet mars and the planet earth similar to each other? What makes earth livable for humans
  15. Are there any similarities between farming and fishing? Give examples to support your stance

It is not important that you find all these topics interesting and relevant to your subject. These are just examples to tell you how the topic of your paper should look like.