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9 Good Topic Ideas For Creating A Successful Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a formal piece that requires you to give your views on an issue, along with strong reasons to back it up. So, in order to write a successful opinion essay, you need to choose a topic that you actually have a strong view about. The following list of nine great topics should help you get started.

  • Should civilians be allowed to own guns?
  • The gun ownership battle is still raging in many countries across the world, and it’s sure to spark some heated debate. Do you believe that civilians should be allowed to own guns for sport or their own protection?

  • Should women have the right to terminate their pregnancies?
  • Abortion is an issue that causes tempers to flair. Do you believe that women should have the right to choose to have abortions? What do you think about abortions that are medically indicated?

  • Should religion be banned in all public schools?
  • Another issue that often causes furious debate is religion in public schools. Do you think that all public schools should ban religious teaching? Or do you believe that religion is important in schools?

  • Should euthanasia be legalised?
  • Euthanasia is a hot topic right now, with much discussion happening on large media platforms. Do you believe that euthanasia should be legalised to allow people to end their lives on their own terms?

  • Should the legal drinking age be increased?
  • The legal drinking age is an issue that sparks much debate, especially between parents and teenagers! Do you believe the legal drinking age should be increased in an effort to lower the number of alcohol related deaths and accidents?

  • Should junk food advertising be banned in schools?
  • Junk food advertising in schools is another issue that’s been in the media a lot recently. Do you think that junk food advertising should be banned at all schools to help curb the obesity problem in children?

  • Should animal testing be carried out?
  • This is another issue that causes countless arguments, and even results in violent protests. Do you believe that cosmetics should be tested on animals? What do you think about medications and medical treatments being tested on animals?

  • Should the death penalty be implemented?
  • The death penalty has been debated for many years, and probably will be for many more. Do you think the death penalty should be implemented?

  • Should same-sex marriage be legalised?
  • Same-sex marriage is another topic that causes many heated arguments. Do you believe that same-sex marriage should be legalised?