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Getting Original Of Mice And Men Essay Topics

When you have an outstanding novel such as Of Mice and Men from an author who has won a Pulitzer Prize for literature then it is easy to understand why there are many essays and essay topics about the plots, the setting and characters in the novels of John Steinbeck. If you've been given an assignment at school to write an essay based on the novel of Of Mice and Men then you will not be short of information and ideas.

But in this article we are talking about what you want being something which is original. There are plenty of essays and essay topics dealing with aspects about Of Mice and Men which have been around for decades and written about by hundreds if not thousands of students.

What might help you is to tackle the novel from the point of view of the novelist. If you study his life and upbringing you may find yourself inspired to find an essay topic which matches the writer with the written word. For example anyone who knows anything about John Steinbeck will know that he grew up living in the areas he wrote about in his various novels. He knew the farmers and the people who worked on the land in that part of the United States he called home.

There are treasures galore online

Because John Steinbeck and his work became so popular there are significant numbers of websites all with ideas and information about essay topics based on Steinbeck's novels and in particular Of Mice and Men. These websites may be from writing services which offer their services to produce essays. They could be from schools and colleges where Steinbeck's work is a major part of their literary curriculum. And they may even be from selected teachers who teach these novels in class and are happy to produce the work by their students.

Here are some possible original topics.

  1. What’s the connection between Steinbeck’s early life and the characters?
  2. What’s significant about the relationships between the men?
  3. How is the lone woman on the ranch portrayed?
  4. How is the novel like a play?
  5. Where does Of Mice and Men sit in the world of 20th century literature?
  6. Where does Of Mice and Men sit with the other novels by Steinbeck?
  7. How important is nature in the novel?
  8. How does Steinbeck reveal human suffering in Of Mice and Men?
  9. What sort of a character is Slim?
  10. How does the action at the end seem justified?