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Choosing Informative Process Essay Topics: 25 Great Suggestions

An informative essay can be one of the most enjoyable writing assignments. Once this assignment is handed out, the student gets to start explaining how to do a specific task or process. Due to this, students can think of informative essays as a kind of how-to writing. Students need to pick a topic and inform the reader completely about it.

Finding a Topic

To select a topic, students can always ask their teacher or classmates for advice. There are different ideas available online and in the textbook. If students are completely unable to come up with an idea, they can always use one of the following 25 ideas.

Informative Essay Topics

  1. How does someone toilet train a baby?
  2. From the planting processing to pouring the perfect cup, what is the process involved in making tea?
  3. How do the algorithms that govern the major search engines actually work? Is there a way to trick the algorithms?
  4. What is the process that goes into minting coins?
  5. How is ice cream made in factories now? How was it made one hundred or two hundred years ago?
  6. How can someone overcome an addiction? Is a 12-step program like Alcoholic's Anonymous or Narcotic's Anonymous the only way?
  7. How does handwriting analysis work?
  8. What are the techniques for overcoming insomnia? How does the sleeping sickness work?
  9. How are telescopes made? How could an at-home telescope be constructed?
  10. What goes into making a website? How were the first websites created?
  11. What is the correct way to pack a parachute?
  12. How does someone drive a car?
  13. How can someone do a wheelie while they are on a motorcycle?
  14. How do jewelers repair a clock? How does a clock work?
  15. What are the different steps that go into training a professional athlete?
  16. How do emergency medical technicians and nurses perform triage? What is the system for deciding which patients are seen first?
  17. How could scientists bring an extinct species back to life like the movie, Jurassic Park?
  18. How can someone survive with a very limited amount of water in the wild?
  19. How can someone manage to cut their own hair? What are the steps that go into giving a haircut?
  20. How does a nuclear reaction take place?
  21. How does someone write a book?
  22. How does a baker make a cake?
  23. What is the technique for sailing across a lake?
  24. What is the process for completing homework?
  25. Using the old-fashioned, Native American techniques, what is the best way to make a canoe? How long does it take?