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I Need To Write A Lady Macbeth Character Analysis Essay

So, you have to write an essay, a character analysis on the extremely fascinating character of Lady Macbeth.

Lady MacBeth is one of the most fascinating characters that Shakespeare ever invented. Some might say she is one of the most powerful, and evil characters in human history.

In fact, our old saying that someone cannot wash the blood from their hands –implying that because of their guilt over some bad action they committed, basically implies that they cannot be redeemed or repent because the action was so unforgivable.

So what did Lady MacBeth do that was so wrong?

Let’s find out – and not only that, we must analyze what it is about her character that allows her to be this way.

Analysis of What Motivates Lady MacBeth

First, Lady Macbeth wants more than anyone else, to become queen. In the first act, this is why she calls upon the gods to make her more like a man—so she can commit whatever acts a (more free to act) man can commit in order to get what she wants – to be queen. Therefore, her hunger for the throne is what propels her.

Now, keep in mind, Lady Macbeth does not want to become king—that would be impossible, she wants her husband to become king – of the world.

Bloody Violence

There is much violence in this play—she and Macbeth basically decide to work together to ensure that he gains throne—no matter what the cost.

They then begin killing off those who are rumored to be next for the throne.

But, at the end of all their ruthless killing, Lady MacBeth becomes mentally ill, as if all she has done is driving her crazy. But those men she killed—all of them, apparently their blood has turned her hands red, so she thinks, and she keeps trying to wash it off – which is one symptom of her having lost her mind completely. She then commits suicide, which implies her guilt.

Therefore, analysis of this character will be not only easier than you have previously thought, it will be fun as well. You could go all kinds of directions with this:


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