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How To Write A Conclusion For A Problem Solution Essay: A Basic Manual

A problem solution essay is an interesting take on topics picked from general life and environment. The first half deals with the extant problem and how it is making a section suffer. The other half of course ventures to find an apt solution for the problem.

An easy inference

It is easy to infer the structure of the essay; starting with a brief introduction about the topic; leading to the problems and its effects and the ultimate solution in the body. The ending paragraph or the Conclusion will wax eloquent on how the dynamics will change if the solutions are put to practice.

Offering a definition

Now, when you write a conclusion, you should keep it in mind to give a definitive end to the topic; a redoubtable end. There should not be any scope left for conflict of emotions. Thus, you need to course through the vagaries of the topic, underlined in the preceding paragraphs and analyze its practical problematic effects.

Feasibility of solutions

In its wake, you can easily infer whether the solutions you have posed in the essay will be effective to a remarkable extent. Moreover, will your solutions be feasible or will it require consummation of too many variables? You cannot take too many things for granted. If you find your solutions to be fragile at spaces, be frank about it and mend it or remove it totally, putting new solution sin its place.

A friendly style

Also, the essay should be written in a reader-friendly way. Keep the essay in accordance to your grade, especially when it comes to the writing style which should nevertheless be free-flowing. It would be great if the piece could be absorbed by a wider lot.

Here is an example of a conclusion for a problem solution essay –

Topic – The social media is making formative minds addicted to it with adverse implications

‘No one can doubt the spread and popularity of social media. Such is its degree of influence that you cannot keep your kids secure from its tentacles for long. The key therefore lies in striking a balance. Embed in kids the values of social media and the hand it extends towards making kids more active, compassionate, resourceful and good at networking. It also offers kids understandable versions of the current affairs. It is your responsibility however to try and wean them from spending too much time online; chatting and forming communities. Encourage them to develop mentally by diving into perspicacious books and quality movies instead. Express upon them that too much of anything is bad. Constrict their time-frame on social media and make them abstain from absorbing prejudicial opinions about the things they read there; and you will have done your job.’