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How To Start An Argumentative Essay In The Most Outstanding Manner

Starting this essay off by saying that everyone in their lifetime will end up in an argument can start an argument itself. Arguments are an inevitable part of a person’s life, whether they benefit someone into learning something new or ending in a scuffle, something can always be drawn from a disagreement. When it comes to writing an argumentative essay, this feat takes on the same nature. Professors may disagree with one’s writing, but the more effort put into these verbal disagreements, the more both sides, the reader and writer, can learn about each other. In order to pull an audience in to an argumentative essay in an outstanding manner, the following should occur:

  • It’s All Greek
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Write For Both
  • These Colors Don’t Run
  • Statistics

It’s All Greek

The best way to confuse someone when it comes to an argumentative essay, is to write about a topic they have absolutely no background in. If a writer does this, they can automatically pull their reader into believing their side of the argument without that person even wanting to research the other side.

Devil’s Advocate

One of the most difficult routes to take is writing what no one wants to hear, i.e. the side of the devil’s advocate. If a student chooses to write about terrorism in America, they should write as if they are a freedom fighter for another organization against America. Then, they should descriptively write out their argument for how the one man’s terrorist is the other’s freedom fighter.

Write For Both

If a student is stumped on which route to take for an argumentative essay, they should simply write two papers for both sides. Although this will take longer, the student can choose which one sounds more believable and will engage the reader more to their side.

These Colors Don’t Run

When writing an argumentative essay, a student must never waiver on their beliefs as to if their chosen topic is right or wrong. The more a student takes into account their side and fights for their side, the better the essay will be. When people put their heart into something, the outcome is always better than the apathetic writer.


If all else fails, hit the reader with statistics. When people read numbers, they usually buy into it quicker than reading something that seems heavily opinion based. The more statistics proves your side of the argument, the less the other side will be able to pull through for their cause.