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A List Of Good Business Ethics Essay Topics For College

How reading the news and business magazines can help to inspire ideas

When it comes to writing about business ethics, a great way to come up with good ideas is to read newspapers and business magazines. Newspapers especially will provide articles relating to bad business practices and, therefore, can give you good ideas about ethical situations in the business world.

For example, there may be a story about the way a company has avoided taxes, or the way in which bankers carried out immoral or illegal practices. Consequently, you can base any ideas for your paper on some of the topics and themes that you read about in the news or in business magazines.

Broadening your ideas by looking at pre-written papers

As well as researching business publications, it is possible to get good ideas from prewritten papers. Essentially, you will need to look at work that is been written before, either by students or non-students. A good place to look for such papers is online on various free essay websites, as well as sites linked to educational establishments or those that provide guidance and advice when it comes to writing various essays.

Alternatively, there are many writing agencies available online that will provide prewritten papers for a price, as well as even offering services such as bespoke essay writing, along with editing and proofreading.

Some topics and titles relating to business ethics

With business ethics being such a wide ranging subject, there are many themes and topics that you can use for your paper. The following is a brief list of titles that you could use when trying to think of what to write about for your essay.

  • Should businesses be held more accountable for their part in global warming?
  • Examine the disparity between the minimum wage and the ‘living wage’?
  • Can major companies justify paying their lowest paid workers a tiny fraction of the huge salaries paid to bosses?
  • Should multinational companies be held more accountable for the lack of tax that they sometimes pay?
  • Is enough done to promote equality in the workplace?
  • Are women fairly represented at the highest levels of business, and if not, why not?
  • How does collusion between major companies affect the consumers?
  • Is enough being done to combat white-collar crime?
  • Do major Western companies exploit developing countries?
  • Is enough being done to minimise pollution created by businesses?