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Organizational Control And Culture

In reference to a place of work organizational control and culture refers to the culture of the workplace; a place of business is a living organism, made to come to life by those who work for it. Each business has its own rules and regulations, dress codes and codes of ethics that make each business unique. It is important to stay yourself, even in the parameters of the organization you work for.

It is ideal to an individual to be able to express themselves as they see fit. If they want to dye their hair blue, if they want to dress in the season’s latest trend or even wear their favorite pair of ripped jeans, they should be able to do so. Unfortunately most places of businesses do not see ripped jeans or even hair that is dyed in an eccentric color as professional attire and the individual is asked to dress as the business would like them to dress.

Individuals are also asked to act a certain way. It is very important to always set a good example as you are seen as a face of the company. Let’s say that you are meeting with potential clients that would make a very good partnership with the company you are representing. You end up being really rude to the potential clients and they decide not to do business with your company because what you have shown them is that the rest of the company is just as rude as you are even if that may not be true.

It is important for you to find a business or place of work with values and a culture that you agree with or it will feel like you are being controlled by the organization.  It is never okay to feel like you are being controlled, you are your own unique individual that deserves to be celebrated, though in order to stay employed you must stay in some sort of professional parameters.

Conformity will always an issue, where ever you may go for work. Even though that should the last thing people are concerned with. Everyone should be able to feel like they belong with the organization without fear of being shunned by their peers and still feel like they are their own person. The Culture of each company or business what makes it a very unique individual, just like you are.