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How to Write Essays Quickly: 5 Basic Management Tips to Follow

Planning and organization are keys to writing high quality essays. In order to produce a truly good academic paper, a student should start working on it right away. This will allow him or her the time to do some quality research and edit the finished initial draft to perfection.

However, few students actually do this. The vast majority of them start writing when the deadline comes dangerously near. If this is what has happened to you, use the following tips to create a strong paper quickly:

  1. Manage your time wisely.
  2. As time is essential in this situation, you need to use it properly. Sit down and work out a detailed schedule for the upcoming days. See how many hours you will be able to dedicate to research and writing. Be sure to leave some time for revisions and editing. The most important thing, however, is to actually follow this plan. You must stick to it in order to finish the work in time. This experience will definitely improve your self-organization skills.

  3. Don’t start with an introduction.
  4. It can be incredibly difficult to write a good introductory paragraph. Many students waste precious hours staring at their blank screens while trying to come up with catchy sentences.

    Skip this difficult part and start working on the body paragraphs right away. You shouldn’t be stuck in this case, as you will have all the materials that need to be presented in the essay on hand. Write the introduction and conclusion last. At this point, you will know exactly what you need to put in them, as the paper itself will be almost finished.

  5. Develop a thesis statement and write an outline.
  6. In order to use the hours you can dedicate to writing more productively, you need to focus on the paper’s objectives. This means that you need to develop them first, or you will have nothing to focus on. Write a thesis statement, the main idea of the essay, and develop topic sentences for every paragraph. Organize them into an outline and follow this plan while writing. This will prevent you from getting distracted or following some false leads in your research.

  7. Work with enthusiasm.
  8. It may be difficult to motivate yourself to write, but you really need to do this. If you manage to get truly passionate about it, you will be able to write much faster.

  9. Check and check again.
  10. No matter how little time you have, you must double-check the paper for any mistakes. Don’t lose any points because of some misspelled words.