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Great essays can be recognized by a strong beginning: how to make a solid start

If you think an essay introduction is not important, think again. The introduction is the first place the reader gets to decide whether or not he wants to continue reading what you have written. Without a strong introduction, your reader will not want to read any more of your paper. When this occurs, your teacher will be more likely to award you with fewer points that you think you deserve. Fortunately, learning to write an introduction is easier that most students think it is.

Step One: Write a brilliant hook. The hook is the the most important part of the introduction. This is where you get to show off your ability to write an essay. A fantastic hook will draw the reader with creativity and purpose. Your reader will be able to use the hook as a way to connect his or her experiences to the rest of the essay. Since the best way to learn something new is to connect it to something you already know, the point of the hook is help the reader understand what he or she knows and how the essay will add to that knowledge.

Step Two: Make the bridge clear. Of course, you do not label the bridge, but you make it evident through the words you choose will connect the hook to the thesis. The bridge does not need to be as creative as the hook; it should be more informative than creative. When you write the bridge, you should provide some explanation of the hook with some preview of what the thesis will report. While the hook is usually just a few sentences, the bridge can be several sentences. It is important that you do not reveal too much about the rest of the essay in the bridge because you need to leave some information for the rest of the paper.

Step Three: Craft your thesis. This single sentence will give purpose for the rest of the paper. It is important that you really do craft the thesis by taking the time to choose each individual word very carefully. The thesis should only be one sentence and too many students make the mistake of writing several sentences as their “thesis.” Since the hook eventually leads into the thesis, it is a good idea to include keywords that connect back to the hook, so readers can see the connections.