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A List of Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

A good persuasive essay topic has to be controversial, while its originality is not that important. Do not be afraid to take “overused” topics such as abortion or death penalty, as long as you really care about them and have strong arguments in defense of your opinion. Besides, even within a very generic subject, you can find an unusual angle or aspect to explore. Below are examples of good argumentative essay topics that have been crafted this way.

  • Are there other ways to stop or reduce abortion than just prohibiting it?
  • Is a compromise possible between pro-life and pro-choice movements?
  • Should Barbie dolls be banned?
  • Do children learn more efficiently through video games?
  • Should sports participation in schools be obligatory?
  • Should we aim for the equal representation of all genders and races in political offices? Or, should professional skills go first?
  • Is anti-piracy legislations effective to protect the rights of musicians and writers?
  • Should parents be allowed to determine the genetics of their children?
  • Why do some students who graduate high school lack basic skills?
  • Should everyone be required to study at least one foreign language in school?
  • Has social media changed human relationships in a good or bad way?
  • Can nanotechnology end poverty?
  • Can war ever be ended?
  • Is the military’s use of drones ethical?
  • Should the U.S. continue to act as a global policeman?
  • How important is ethnical background for individual identity?
  • Are cross-ethnical adoptions a good idea? Is it just a fashion trend or something more?
  • Should everyone know their cultural and racial backgrounds?
  • Should multiculturalism be taught in schools?
  • Do we have to choose between economic development and environmental protection?
  • Should hunting be completely banned?
  • What can ordinary citizens do to keep the local environment clean? Do their efforts make any difference?
  • Are more animal and plant species becoming extinct today than at any time in the past?
  • Is the U.S. election process fair?
  • How can the U.S. taxation system be improved to become fairer?
  • Should the money schools get depend on the test scores of their students?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to buy condoms?
  • Is it a good idea to let students grade their teachers?
  • Is competition always good?
  • Does the U.S. need any other official language than English, and why?
  • Should creationism and evolution theories both be taught in public schools?
  • Should the government ban fattening products and drinks in school menus?
  • Can video surveillance in public places be considered as an invasion of privacy?