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What are the Best Evaluation Argument Essays Topics?

When you are getting ready to pick your argumentative essay topic, think extremes. Consider the topics that people are passionate about and that are extreme in opposition. Topics that people are passionate about seem to produce better papers. Then select a topic that you either care about or that you want to know more about. When you are preparing to pick your argumentative essay topic, consider the topics listed below:

  • Traditional hard copy textbooks versus Ipad text books (or any electronic text book)
  • Requiring everyone to sort garbage and lead a green life style with penalties if a person does not
  • Whether college athletes should be paid or not
  • Whether the government should push for free colleges
  • Taking the side that the NFL should not punish players for personal problems or run-ins with the law
  • Changing the time that school starts for teenagers (later school starts)
  • Arguing that the United States and Allies should not (or should) be involved in the fight against Isis
  • Taking a side about whether or not state governments should allow legalization for medicinal purposes
  • Discussing whether great advancements have been made in women’s right and equality (or not), this topic could also be changed to be racial equality
  • Taking a side either in favor or against Obama Care (or any other similar national health care program)
  • Is gluten free a real concern or is it a marketing scam
  • Arguing about the effectiveness of President Obama’s presidency (or any president’s term)
  • Has terrorism increased or decreased and who are the biggest groups at this time
  • Should life skills classes be required to be taught in high school
  • Is global warming real or just an environmental fallacy
  • Should a high school student be required to perform a certain amount of community service hours before being allowed to graduate
  • Are electric cars the way of the future
  • Are tiny houses the housing trend of the future and why (mention the advantages or the drawbacks to down-sizing)

Finding a hotly debated topic for your next will usually result in a good argumentative paper. You should just remember that emotions alone would not make a good paper. The paper will need to have solid main points, reliable support, credible case studies, statistics, stories, and data. Use this argumentative topic list the next time your teacher assigns you an argumentative essay.