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The Top 20 Debatable Topics For Your Argumentative Essays

The best type of topics that you should use for argumentative essays are debatable or controversial issues. These topics work great for argumentative essays because they have two distinct sides to them. They have those that support the topic and those that oppose the topic. Because they are controversial and debatable, they have evidence to support whichever side you choose to take.

When you are deciding on a topic, it is important to make sure that you choose one that you have a distinct opinion on. For example, if you believe that there are certain times when abortion should be allowed, this is not the topic that you should write about. Your essay should portray that you whole-heartedly agree or disagree with the topic. That means that if you want to write about abortion, there should be no circumstance, even if the mother is raped, that would change this opinion. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the topic.

Top 20 Debatable Topics

  1. Abortion
  2. Animal testing
  3. Animal cloning
  4. Human cloning
  5. Marijuana legalization
  6. Wearing fur
  7. Mercy killing
  8. Sex education in school
  9. Cell phone use in school
  10. School uniforms in school
  11. Homework in school
  12. Death penalty
  13. Privacy issues with Facebook
  14. Harsher punishment for bullying
  15. Same sex marriage
  16. Right to commit suicide
  17. Adoption in same sex households
  18. Benefits of same sex schools
  19. Cosmetic surgery or bans on excessive cosmetic surgery
  20. Censoring the internet

If you choose one of these topics, you are sure to get some attention because these are topics that individuals fight over day in and day out. The key to handling one of these issues is to present the facts and not your opinion. Argumentative essays are designed to thoroughly explain one side of a controversial issue without presenting the personal opinion of the author. Showing respect for the other view is an essential part of pulling this type of essay off.

So, choose a topic and research it so that you can make a good assessment of which side to take. Once you have chosen your side, you should create your outline emphasizing at least three reasons to support your side of the issue. This is the best way to get started with writing your paper. It will keep you organized.