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20 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics About Food

Argumentative essay aims to convince your readers of your ideas and opinions based on strong logic, valid evidence, and factual data. You may even build this paper on your personal experience but it must be backed with authenticated research because you cannot convince someone of your ideas if they are subjective. Food is an interesting subject to write about as well as important. The first world countries have many problems related to obesity and food because they might not be eating right. You need to look into your subject and find a strong topic you want to address.

The topic of your paper should be a new idea and direction that no one has yet talked about. It is better to start with a research question and trigger more questions, sub questions, possible answers and relevant issues from that to come up with a sound topic. You can use your own book to find an area to address or think of something critically important which is being ignored. You can talk about a documentary, a movie, a paper, or a magazine that highlighted this issue and evaluate their effort. You may also discuss the role of government in educating people about the foods they eat and the lifestyle they live. Below is a list of interesting topics for an argumentative essay on food.

Argumentative essay topics on food

  1. We are what we eat
  2. Obesity rates are rising at a drastic rate in America
  3. Junk food should have the same level of restrictions as on medications
  4. Junk food contains addictive syrups and chemicals to improve the taste
  5. The preservatives used by food manufacturing companies are dangerous
  6. Homemade food does not have a healthy alternative
  7. Junk food is a healthy alternative to homemade food
  8. Vegetarian diet is rich and complete
  9. Protein rich diet is ideal for teenagers
  10. Organic foods should be subsidized
  11. Junk foods should have high taxation like cigarettes
  12. Consumers should have the ability to sue fast food companies based on health issues
  13. Celebrities need to stop endorsing junk and unhealthy food because they make an influence
  14. Ketchup is not a safe alternative to tomatoes
  15. Evaluate the movie FedUP
  16. Personal diet and activity should be planned
  17. Fast-food manufacturers care about maximizing profit and not health
  18. Stores that offer junk should have health warning signs
  19. Food is a primary necessity for life
  20. Everyone should have access to safe and healthy food for cheap