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The most compliant topics to write an essay on:

Writing essays that are guided around hard topics:

When it comes to writing an essay it can be a hard and daunting task to take on. So much goes into the entire process of writing an essay. Doing research on the topic, figuring out where you stand on the topic, deciding what to write about and more. Things can be especially stressful when it comes to writing an essay that deals with topics that are known to be very compliant; Or in other words, articles that are meant to be in agreement with something else.

How to write a compliant essay:

These topics can be used to write short stories, poems, essays or anything else. When writing an essay that deals with a rather vast subject that can cover a lot of details and go either way, a lot of research and detailed information goes into this type of essay. With this type of essay a standard format and or outline can be used for this. An example of this format includes an introduction paragraph, where you mention the topic you are writing about, what points you are going to cover and how you stand on the topic. Then there are body paragraphs, these paragraphs are where you fully discuss in detail the research you did about this topic and go into further details about the points you want to make that deal with the topic of the essay. And lastly there is an ending paragraph which is otherwise known as a conclusion paragraph. In the conclusion paragraph you reiterate the topic of the essay and summarize the points you covered within the essay you wrote.

Examples of topics that is compliant in format:

  •  What to do when you see a kid coming out of the bathroom that has toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe.
  •  What you think the nation is controlled by.
  •  Discuss a realistic first romantic encounter or experience to a first romantic encounter or experience in a show or in a movie.
  •  Talk about the battle of good versus evil; does it all really exist, are there areas where the two overlap, are there good people out there that do bad things and or bad people out there that do good things?
  •   Consider grabbing a box or can of one of your favorite foods, take a look at the ingredients, use the name of every ingredient in that item within the essay somehow.