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What Are The Basic Essay Writing Rules?

Writing an essay can often be really frustrating. There are, however, some basic rules for essay writing that you can follow that will make writing your essay much easier. Follow the rules below and you will find that writing an essay doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth.

  1. Research- when you have your writing topic it would be a lot easier if you had a few resources to look off of to get some ideas.
  2. Analysis- now that you have your research, looking through it and writing down important tips and information will be a big help.
  3. Thesis- take a few minutes to sit down and write what your topic is about ex: when it happened, how it happened, who was involved, and when it ended. Remember not to go into too much detail this is just a thesis. It's just a broad statement of what your paper will be about.
  4. Outline- this is when you really need to dig deep into your research and make a rough copy. If you do this and you don't like the way it sounds you can always restart. Remember you are writing this in pencil and paper so you can proof read it.
  5. Introduction- now you'll want to sit and write your essay. Your introduction should catch the readers attention and make it almost exciting.
  6. Paragraphs- now after all your research, writing introductions, and writing a thesis, you'll want to finish it off with a few informational paragraphs. Dedicate paragraphs to certain topics. Ex: dedicate one paragraph to the people involved or one to where and how your topic started.
  7. Conclusion - because you now have an awesome paper written you want an awesome ending. When your write your conclusion it usually repeats what your thesis statement is and summarizes what you have written in your essay.

If you follow these few simple rules writing your essay can be made very simple.Take the time to write an outline, think about what your thesis statement will convey to your reader and make your opening paragraph interesting enough to grab and hold your readers’ attention and you will find that writing essays is not as hard as you think.