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What Are The Main Requirements Of A Critical Analysis Essay?

A critical analysis essay is designed to make you think critically about a literary piece of work. The idea is to evaluate, interpret, and analyze it and then write a paper explaining this process. You would use other resource materials to support your conclusions. This method will test your thinking skills and also ensure that you are doing your required reading.

There are a few main requirements that you will want to add into your critical analysis essay to ensure that you are achieving the goal of this form of essay.

  1. Stance
  2. You will want to make a stance on an issue. This could be a stance on a character or a theme of the piece. You can express your opinion on any aspect of the work.

  3. Thesis
  4. You will need to write a thesis statement which explains the main idea of the paper. It will need to be a statement that you can prove through research. You would usually include this statement near the end of your introduction. That way your reader has an idea of what the paper will be about. The rest of the paper will work to prove this thesis statement. Be sure that every sentence and all of your facts work to prove the thesis. It is the heart and center of your paper.

  5. Supporting points
  6. The idea behind writing a critical analysis essay is to prove your thesis statement. The majority of your paper will work to prove this statement. You should try and break it down into three categories. Each category will be explained in a different body paragraph. Two separate explanations should not be in the same paragraph. If you have extensive information on a supporting point, you can break it down into sub points that you would give their own paragraph too.

  7. Introduction
  8. You would want to include an introductory paragraph that explains a little bit about the author and the piece of writing that you are discussing. It may also be beneficial to write about the time period in which the piece was written.

  9. Conclusion
  10. Your conclusion will bring the essay together and restate the thesis. It will be the lasting impression that you will have on your reader, so be sure to finish strong.

If you include these main requirements into your essay, you will have a successfully written essay.