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Where To Search For Free High-Quality Essays On Social Issues

Writing essays on social issues can be a little difficult for the inexperienced student. He or she often struggles with writing about a topic in which they need to present historical context as well as give equal weight to both sides of an argument, while pushing forth a clear thesis. Needless to say it takes a little practice to master this type of assignment, but finding high-quality essays to use as references can be tremendously helpful. Here are a few things to know about searching for example copies:

Conduct a Simple Keyword Search

The first step in finding a quality sample essay on social issues is simply conducting an online keyword search. You should get a list of dozens of great topics. While you can certainly write on the same ones, you shouldn’t copy any portion of the paper. Even with proper citation you shouldn’t trust the accuracy of something you can’t verify, but you can certainly learn about structure and formatting.

Academic Chatroom or Forum

Both academic chatrooms and forums offer great opportunities to connect with students across the country. You should have absolutely no trouble finding more than a few helpful members of the community who will be happy to give you a sample paper at no charge. Just be sure to let them know that you won’t be using their work other than reference; this ensures that they won’t get in any academic trouble themselves.

Social Issues Writing Style Guides

Going to the library to review or check out some of its writing style guides is a great way of learning how to write this kind of essay. Most style guides are filled with more than just instructions and examples, they also come with exercises to strengthen your skills. Check for guides that are specific to social issues and you’ll have a good start.

Academic Resource Website

There are several university affiliated and non-affiliated academic websites that offer a wealth of resources for students to download for free. A few of the things you should easily find are topic lists and essay samples. Again, you should never submit work that you find on these sites as your own, or risk being accused of cheating. Simply stick with using these examples for reference.

Get a Copy from Your Teacher

You should always be able to get high-quality copies from your teacher. You’re likely to get a sample that closely resembles what your instructor expects from you in your writing. And he or she will be more comfortable knowing that you have approached them before trying to figure it out on your own.