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How to Write a Good Essay in a Few Hours

A few hours in enough time not just to write an essay but to write an A+ essay that your teacher will be very pleased with.

The Key to Writing a Quick, Good Essay

The key to writing an attention-getting essay that is not boring, predictable, or on some tired topic that everyone is tired of hearing about is to try to write about something that really interests you.

How To Essays

Often, you might have a skill that few people have—suppose you are really good at cards, playing the violin, rollerskating, horseback writing, or some academic subject that you really shine. All of these topics would be excellent topics for a modified “how-to” essays, such as “How to Become an Excellent Horseback Rider,” or “How to Write a Killer Essay,” or “How to Become Better in Math.” Then you could share your knowledge with someone of how to do something well.

Argumentative/Persuasive Essays

You could also write an essay to inspire someone to become more concerned about a certain subject or to become so moved by your topic that they’ll want to take action now. These are called argumentative or persuasive essays and the easy things about these types of essays are their structure.

Good topics for these are “everyone should be required to take a foreign language,” or “We must do more about global warming,” or that instead of imprisoning addicts we should put them in hospitals and treatment centers. An essay like this will have an attention getting introduction that grabs your reader’s attention with the severity of the station. Then you move to a very narrowly defined thesis statement using the “I statement” to keep you on track. For example, “I believe that all students should not only have to take a foreign language but two years of a foreign language.” Or, “we should not imprison drug addicts, we should get them help with their problem.” Or, “The laws on pain pills should be relaxed so the problem with heroin will lessen.”

Now Onto the Rest of the Essay

In the rest of the essay, you need to provide three solid paragraphs of evidence that prove your thesis is correct. Use evidence from your own imagination or go online to find some quality research to back up your assertions.

Write an Attention Getting Close As Well That Makes People Want to Act

Once you write your closing, you are don. See, that wasn’t so hard.