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Illuminati/freemasons can be used interchangeable. Freemasons is a society that is secretive and believed to receive superior intelligence from unknown sources thus the conflict between the society and the Catholic Church. Most evils linked to Freemasonry are reasonably true. For example, the use of harsh drug substances likes hashish and assassinations in unknown circumstances relates to the illuminati secret society. Mentioning the word ‘illuminati’ drives fear amongst most individuals. It is a belief that the freemason’s secretive society in most instances sells well coated luring ideas that in reality are destructive by nature. However, to understand the illuminati society, it is vital to understand their rituals cultures and traditions.

The illuminati/freemasons have rituals to be followed by every member. The rituals are meant to distinguish the society from the members that do not belong to the secret society. For example, the first oath is the blood oath. There is an initiation ceremony for the new members. During the initiation ceremony, the new entrants swear to the oaths given and to keep all the details a secret. It is during this process that the initiated qualify to be called a mason. The mason's swear to finish by death any individual that reveals their secrets.

There are also strange signs and symbols that all the members are required to acquaint themselves with for effective communication purposes. The Freemasons also have their strange vocabulary that every member has to acquire on joining the organization. There are specific terminologies that members use while communicating and thus, orientation to the culture and traditions is an essential factor for the masons. Freemasonry is an international organization although; it has no common governing body. Therefore, some symbols of communication may be different among the international society. However, there are some vital signs and symbols that all the masons use with similar meanings. The culture of blood for oaths and ritualistic events is also common for all the societies linked to Freemasonry.

Just like any other society organization, masons have rules and regulations to be followed by each member. Membership terminated for members, and severe punishment follows when a member defaults from the policies governing the body.

Conclusively, the illuminate/freemasons are a secretive society that is believed to receive higher power and intelligence from an unknown source. The society has rituals and traditions governing the body. Most of the rituals associate to Satanism and thus, the conflict amongst Christians and the illuminate/Freemasons society.