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Top 22 Thought-Provoking Essay Topics On Metamorphosis

A writer has the responsibility of ensuring that his paper engages the intellect of the reader. Metamorphosis is one of the topics that provide an opportunity to make a thought provoking presentation. However, not all topics in metamorphosis are thought provoking and interesting to read. Some are mundane since they have been studied time and again and thus have nothing new to offer readers. Here is a list of topics that make your essay thought provoking and interesting to read.

  1. Are students taking internet opinion and advice more seriously than professional counseling?
  2. Will humans from earth be regarded as UFO in Mars?
  3. Has communism turned into a hidden capitalism?
  4. If dentists make money from decayed teeth, would you trust a product they have recommended?
  5. Has a person who tried to fail and succeeded actually failed or succeeded?
  6. If you found a genie who limited your wishes to just three, would you wish for another genie
  7. Why is life regarded as unfair yet it is unfair to everyone?
  8. Is a person who procrastinates later still procrastinating?
  9. If midnight snacks are not allowed, what is the light in the fridge supposed to do?
  10. How comes the world spends so much on war and so little on finding peace?
  11. They say that practice makes perfect, and still claim that no one is perfect, why practice anyway?
  12. Cinderella’s shoe was said to fit perfectly, how did it end up falling?
  13. How is someone expected to make friends if talking to strangers is a crime?
  14. They say that the good things in life come to the people who wait. Why is everyone angry at a person who procrastinates?
  15. If a pair of twin brothers met another pair of twin sisters and got married, would their children look alike?
  16. Is saving the life of someone not simply delaying his death?
  17. Isn’t washing simply making other items dirty?
  18. Doesn’t the heart get tired of pumping?
  19. Is there an anniversary for your death every year?
  20. The robots inhabiting Mars, aren’t they UFOs?
  21. Your parents dropped you down one time and have never picked you!
  22. Accidents are not all that bad, human beings can be made by one.

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