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20 good essay topics for high school students

When you are writing an essay consider the following topics:

  1. Write about an article that altered forever your philosophy or outlook on life
  2. Write about a response to a documentary
  3. Write about fashion tendencies for a particular year
  4. Write about new theories rising in business
  5. Write a paper on early empires
  6. Write a paper on advertising within search engines
  7. Write a paper on the history of theater in England
  8. Write a paper on human cloning
  9. Write a paper about the culture and history of Thailand
  10. Write a paper for or against smoking
  11. Write an essay for or against free public transportation
  12. Write an essay for or against a certain drinking age
  13. Write a paper that discusses anorexia and the relation to models
  14. Write a paper that discusses abortions
  15. Write a paper about school uniforms
  16. Write a paper about a day that you chose to make a change in your life
  17. Write a paper about a difficult decision you had to make
  18. Write a paper about a big misunderstanding in your life
  19. Write an essay about your first day on a new job
  20. Write an essay about a trip you took that was perfect

Once you pick a topic for your essay, it is important to ensure your paper is well written.

When you are writing an essay, one of the key steps you will have to take is reviewing it when all is said and done. Remember to use spell check, of course. But do not rely on that solely for your edits. A spell check is just a spell check, by definition. You are still responsible for checking for context and for meaning. You are responsible for ensuring the “auto correct” tool did not change a misspelled “definitely” into “defiantly”.

While writing an essay, it is also important to resist any temptation to use the word “Very” more than once or twice in your paper. While it might make the paper seemingly more powerful to you, it will not come off that way to the reader.

Do not use slang, lest the topic of your paper be “slang”. It is likely that your teachers will not be up to date on the newest slang and will not know what your paper is trying to say.