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Great Ideas To Help You Create An Outstanding Essay

Essays are becoming more common among students, the days of only writing a couple per year is over.  You write essays for questions on study guides, test, and write stand-alone essays on various subjects.  That is why you should know how to create an essay that is great.  Essay is something that you have to learn and if you don’t early then you will fall behind because of your lack of knowledge on the subject.  This is a needed skill in high school and college but you start writing simple essays in elementary and middle school, by the time you reach high school you should know how to compose one.  If not, that’s okay because I’m going to tell you how to do it now.

Great Ideas To Help You Create An Essay

  • Know the parts of an essay, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.  The introduction tells the reader about the subject and gives them an overview of what the essay is about; this also includes your thesis or main point of the essay.  Next, are your body paragraphs, there are usually about two or three of them.  These paragraphs give the background information about your topic and have points that are there to support your topic.  The conclusion gives the reader an overview of the essay they just read, this could introduce new information or summarize the facts.
  • Each paragraph you write must have a statement, which tell the reader the main point of it.  And explanation of the main point and how it relates to the topic.  Examples of the point in that paragraph that support the point.  And lastly, the importance that this point has on your main topic.
  • Make an outline before you start to write your essay.  Writing down all of the points you are going to cover and what is going to be in each paragraph will help you put all the information in order and let’s you see what the essay will look like before you write it.
  • After you are done writing your essay, always revise and edit it.  The best way to do this is, once you have finished the essay, walk away from it for a little bit.  Then come back and start to read over it and look for mistakes.  Since you walked away from it, you came back with fresh eyes and can now find mistakes that you might have missed before if you started after you finished.