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10 funny compare and contrast essay topics

What are compare and contrast essays?

Compare and contrast essays are one of the most interesting essay types. They are easy to explain for the teachers and understandable for the students. The main reason is that they are comparison of two aspects either of the same story or between two different topics. If you choose to write a compare and contrast essay in school or in college, you must have enough information about both the sides of your essay. If one side of your essay is strong and has great arguments and the other is simply based on opinion then your essay will not seem authentic. The reader does not want to waste time on essays that lack enough insight to the subject or do not address the topic properly. The content of your essay and topic should complement each other rather than contradict. A student may take any approach to compare and contrast essays from academic to informal, historic, and funny. This depends upon your capabilities and skills. If you choose to write a funny comparative essay then you need to have good humor. Students who do not have a good sense of humor might overdo it in their essay.

Funny compare and contrast essay topics students can use

Choosing the right topic for your comparative essay can come in a bit handy. You need to select a topic that you feel comfortable with. Here are a few topic ideas that can give you a lead with your essay topic

  1. Are dry fruits healthier than fresh fruits or vice versa
  2. A trip to the Paris vs. a weekend spent in NYC
  3. The Simpsons cartoon vs. the family guy, which one based on realistic sarcasm
  4. Is Facebook a better social hangout than twitter? Will Google plus cross these social networks any time soon in popularity
  5. What is a better pet to keep among toads, cats, and dogs
  6. Which was the best part of your life between high school and college
  7. Who would you prefer dating between Edward Culin from Twilight and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series
  8. What is the ideal way to spend winter vacations between staying at home and going for a vacation
  9. What is fun to do between recycling stuff in your backyard or having a garage sale
  10. Is a dog better companion than a human, explain why you think so