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Creating A Descriptive Essay On Kidnapping: 10 Strong Ideas To Consider

Your teacher has assigned you the task of writing a descriptive essay on kidnapping. You have already fielded your first question. Where to begin? But, your teacher smiles and leaves it up to you.

Before you begin

This will be a challenging assignment. But your teacher is giving you an opportunity to use your imagination and own initiative to tell her something new about the enormous problem of kidnapping. It is not as obscure as you thought.

10 Useful ideas

  • Check with your teacher before beginning
  • Don’t let your imagination run away with you just yet. Check with your teacher first and test the waters with your first ideas.

  • Planning your research
  • She will offer guidance. Her first piece of advice will likely be that you do research on the topic before you take the next step.

  • Prepare outline
  • Start with a one-page outline, jotting down your thoughts on kidnapping. You can also rely on the movies to help you visualize your thoughts.

  • Work on your introduction
  • You need to put a lot of thought into how you will be introducing your paper on kidnapping. Think about the angle you’d like to develop.

  • Check library resources
  • Believe it or not, your best research will be done at the library. You can ask the librarian to direct you to catalogs that will be linked to kidnapping case studies and related subjects such as criminal history.

  • Internet research
  • This should not be difficult because you can refine your search. Human trafficking is a global scourge, and the internet is awash with horror stories.

  • Current global trends
  • Your descriptive writing can be narrowed down. You can focus either on history or recent trends.

  • NGO’s
  • This won’t be easy, but you can also search for non-governmental organizations that are actively campaigning against human trafficking. Even Angelina Jolie has something to say about this. Look her up.

  • Write the essay
  • Now that you have enough information to make a head start on your fellow-students, you can collate what you have found into separate one-page reports before writing the final paper.

  • Before you hand it in
  • Always check your work and keep it as error-free as possible.

You have discovered something new. You should be proud of yourself for turning in something as neat as your own, descriptive thoughts on the phenomenon of global kidnapping.