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10 Great Narrative Essay Topics For High School

Writing a narrative essay at first glance may seem to be an easy assignment. After all, the narrative assignment is all about you, your perspective, and your point of view. However, this assignment can quickly become and unfocused, rambling, or vague account. Some writers may find this intimidating as the topic can be too broad or open ended. Try focusing on a narrower event within this scope or even one individual day in a specific timeframe.

Follow these tips to improve your narrative essay writing skills, try out the suggested topics and success will follow.

Write in First Person

Narrative essays are always written in first person. That means that the teller of the story is the one speaking. The writer of the essay should be using the pronouns, “I” “we” or “me” and “us to describe the actions taking place. The narrative essay’s author tells an account of an event or series of events from their own perspective.

Example topics:

  • My First Trip to a Foreign Country
  • Applying for My First Job
  • Learning to Park a Car for Beginners
  • I had the Best Time with My Father When…

Paint a Picture with Words

A narrative essay paints a picture for the reader. In telling the story, the author needs to use their words to give the reader a vivid picture. This is accomplished by ensuring that every word used creates an image in the readers mind. For example, the writer should not describe a dog as “big.” A better description would be an “enormously fierce” or “furry and fluffy” and each creates a very different image in the readers mind.

Example topics:

  • My Favorite Painting at the Museum
  • How I Decorated your Birthday Cake
  • The Scene that I Captured on the Photo

Begin with the End in Mind

A danger in writing the narrative essay is that the essay can become rambling, lacking definition without a natural ending. The tendency in telling the description of a situation or event is to continue past the natural ending to the “what happened next.” This could lead to an awkward ending or bring more questions to mind. In order to avoid this trap, the writer should have in mind a definite beginning and ending point.

Example topics:

  • The Night I Spent Alone in the Woods
  • The Three Reasons I Walked Home from the Party
  • My Best Day Ever