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Building an Expository Essay Outline: Effective Tips for Students

An expository essay is distinguished by the demand to interrogate an idea, evaluate the evidence you get, expound on it and then generate a convincing argument on your findings. The interrogation takes the form of explanation, comparison and contrast, analysis as well as examples, among other forms.

An outline will assist you in meeting the demands of the expository paper. It gives you an idea of what idea to place where and their order from the first to the last. Expository paper outlines must provide a frame that will enable you to meet these requirements.

The process of drawing an outline depends on the topic you will be handling. Here are the common steps that must be applied regardless of the topic or the discipline of study.

Identify Your Topic

Your topic is a crucial determinant of the content of your paper. It determines the main talking points and their subsidiaries. It will determine the number of points to consider and their subtopics. Some topics have more discussion points than others. The main points for some topics require more subsidiaries to produce strong arguments. Have a clear topic when drawing your outline for an expository paper.

Identify The Main and Subsidiary Points

The main points are listed in no particular order. They should be written as they pop up and can be reduced, added, merged or split as you compile your work. They will help in anchoring the other points or providing a frame for subsidiary points.

The flesh of your paper is provided by subsidiary points. They are related to the main idea and should strengthen your argument. They are meant to provide evidence and support your thesis statement. When listing the auxiliary points, provide the sources of information. This gives credibility to your work instead of it appearing like heresy or mere opinion.

Organize The Points

Brainstorming does not give the best order of points to support your argument. Take time to organize the points you generate during brainstorming. Identify the strongest one that will appear at the top. Weak ones should be hidden in the middle to ensure a strong point concludes your expository essay. It will leave a resounding impression.

Review the outline

The review session is supposed to help you identify whether the topic is fully covered. During the review, you will identify whether the outline will help you deliver the work according to the instructions given by the teacher. You may add or subtract some points to match the instructions issued by your teacher.