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The Best Way To Create A Great Fictional Narrative Essay

There are several ways to create a fictional narrative essay, they aren’t always great. The very mention of the words narrative and essay can be enough to make some people break out in a cold sweat. A narrative essay is after all generally one of the most intimate, and personal things that you will ever have to write and not everyone is up for unloading their personal thoughts and experiences onto the wider public.

However, if done well then they can easily prove to be a defining moment in a student’s academic career. That point in time when they produced a piece of work that was utterly compelling and way superior to anything that they had ever previously delivered.

So, what is the best way to create a great fictional narrative essay? Here’re my top tips:

Be as truthful as you can

Some of the best writing comes from the heart. Sit down and think about how much you are willing to share and then try and stretch that boundary a little more. Honestly, the more you give, the more you will receive.

Don’t overstep your boundaries

Conversely, just as it is important to reveal as much as you can (within the context of the experience that you are recalling) it is also essential that you don’t overstep your comfort zone. It will be immediately apparent if you do and this could easily result in a lower grade if it then appears forced or contrite.

Choose one experience and stick to it

You only have so much wriggle room within any given essay. This is not your chance to share your entire life story. It is about selecting one experience and recounting it. So choose wisely.

Stick to your viewpoint

There is no room here for you to go off message. This should be a first person account, so please make sure that you are not accidentally slipping into the third person. Make sure that your voice sounds authentic. (No weird Britishness if you are American etc.) Make sure that it is consistent throughout. Consistency is key.

Make sure it adheres to the format

All narrative essays should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Make sure that each section is clearly defined. Don’t gloss over your introduction or conclusion just because you have exceeded your word count in the main body. The trick is in pacing it properly.