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How To Select A Good Essay Topic And Make Sure It’s Not Overused

Selecting a topic for an essay is not easy if you are searching for something, which has been overused. One can run the risk of making your essay a watered down version of something, which has already been done. It can be exciting to select a topic, which has not been overused, but always check to see if it’s possible. There is nothing worse than starting a new undertaking only to find out you’re in over your head.

  • What sources will you look for?
  • How reliable are your sources?
  • How would you present this to your teacher?

What sources will you look for?

When looking for material for a rare project, the resources can be limited. If you want to do an essay on Abraham Lincoln, we all know there is an abundant amount of material available, but what if you wanted to focus on Lincoln’s battle with depression, or his often-awkward relationship with Secretary of War Stanton. That is when you will need to go online to first find out what is available, and then verifying the sources. The Internet is a good place to start by using search engines, from there you will be able to find out what material is available, both online, and in other formats.

How reliable are your sources?

When you find material for your project, it would be wise to check the reputation of the writer, and how accurate is his/her information. One can find material online, but should not assume it is good solid information. The Internet is not a full public format, so if you visit a blog, or listen to a podcast, advertisers can control content. The podcast, or blog usually will offer only one perspective, which can be relevant, but if the subject were complex, it would help to look at a number of views. A good example is “What caused the Civil War?” Was it simply the question of Slavery, or state and federal rights? To this day, you have people that argue with great emotion for either side, in your essay you will need to present both sides equally, and then argue what side was correct.

How would you present this to your teacher?

It depends on the teacher if you can present a new topic. In many cases the teacher may allow it, but if you’re presenting a topic, and your report is providing too much speculation. That may not reflect well on the project. You can present a number of possibilities, but then you must argue, which one has the most merit, and why. If you can do this, it will make your essay stand out.