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7 Components Of A Good Opinion Essay On American History X

An opinion essay, irrespective of what it is being written about, will always focus on what you think. These are papers that might be asked of you on different subjects, but the most important thing that you need to realize about them is the fact that by the end of the day, you are basically writing about your thoughts on a given subject. This therefore makes your work a lot easier in the long run, because all you have to do is to understand the subject, and then from there write about what you think about it.

Given the case of American history for example, there are certain elements that your essay must have. These are important for you to ensure that this paper will be one of the most important and the best you have ever worked on so far. The following are some 7 components that are not supposed to be missing from your paper at all:

  • Good title
  • Proper introduction
  • Focus on the timeline
  • Literature review
  • Analytical chapter
  • Conclusion
  • Reference section
Good title

You cannot expect to write any good paper for that matter, without choosing a really good topic to make it stand out from the rest.

Proper introduction

A good paper in American history must introduce the title appropriately. You can take time and learn from other samples before you eventually settle on the one that best appeals to you.

Focus on the timeline

There is so much that you can do about this paper, but the mistake that you should never make is to write on something over and above the timeline of the task you have been asked to work on.

Literature review

Your paper needs to have a solid literature review. There is not so much to discuss here, other than the fact that the sources that you choose for this paper will help you get some really good results.

Analytical chapter

Analysis is one of the most important parts of this paper. Make sure that in this chapter, you really go all out and showcase your opinions in the best way possible.


Eventually, you must make sure that your paper is given a fitting conclusion. There is not a single way to wrap up a paper and lock in the marks like this.

Reference section

All the sources that have been used in your paper must be arranged chronologically in the references chapter.