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Useful Directions For Crafting An Essay About Why City Life Is Better

When you have to write an essay, you struggle to find an easy topic to discuss. If you are lucky, you will be required to write about your own preferences, so you will not have to make any research. If you really believe that city life is better, it will take only a few hours to write a good composition on this subject. Even more, you can bring solid arguments that will make any student agree with you. Take these directions into consideration before you write:

  • Not everyone likes city life. You have to know this from the very beginning, otherwise your composition will not be interesting for anyone. This means that you can’t focus on superficial aspects about the city, because the ones who don’t like it will detect them immediately. Try to be honest with yourself and to present your arguments in realistic way, without inventing anything.
  • Pollution is everywhere, not in the city. Most of the people who will try to argue with you will tell you that the city is very polluted. What you have to know is that nowadays, there is the same level of pollution almost everywhere and only a few countries from the globe have clean water or land. With all this, it does not matter if you live in the middle of a crowded city or close to the forest; there are still chemicals in the soil.
  • The city is always more safe. Yes, there are many people living in the city compared to the village, but you have access to all kinds of facilities that can save your life. You can reach to the hospital in just a few minutes, you have firefighters and police always around and all your neighbors will notice if you don’t come home one day. On the other hand, when you live in the village you are alone most of the time and this can be dangerous.
  • You have so many possibilities in the city. You can go to whatever university you want and find a new job without too much effort. When you live far from the city, you have to take a long ride every day to work, not to mention wake up more early and sleep more late. With time, this will decrease your efficiency and energy.