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Writing An Argumentative Essay On Violence In Video Games: Quick Tips

To compose an argumentative essay, the writer first needs to choose a topic to defend. The subject may be assigned to you, or you may have chosen it yourself. Once you have a topic that you are certain of, you will need to explore, gather evidence and investigate to come up with a strong argument that you have based on reliable sources, through thorough research.

An argumentative essay on violence in video games-

This is a topic that has been the subject of a lot of controversies and public opinion: how much does the violence in video games affect adults or children, if at all? Because it has been so widely discussed, finding sources to back up your opinion on the matter shouldn’t be difficult.

Following are some tips to keep in mind when composing your essay:

  • Ensure it has the three main parts – which are the introduction, body and conclusion - and outline them properly from the beginning so there is no confusion. Your thesis should be succinctly written, with each important point made in a separate paragraph.
  • Make sure the beginning paragraph is clear and concise. Make an assertive statement of the issue and then go on to explain why the matter is an important one. The subject being violence in video games, there is a gold mine of surveys, statements and opinions on the internet for you to base it on.
  • Make sure your argument is logical. Do not base it on feelings as feelings have very little place in a formal document like a thesis. You have science and real-life examples to back up your argument, so make sure you use them. Again, the important of proper research cannot be stressed enough. Find evidence to back up your argument. Use facts, statistics, logic and experience – whether your own or someone else’s – to make sure your argument holds water.
  • Think of your essay as a debate –as if someone was arguing every point with you as you made it. When you feel strong about something, and you have to fight for it, your argument becomes clearer in your mind and increases in potency. Keep that in mind, to be able to write your thesis in a manner that will make every point hit home the way you want it to. Remember, you are trying to convince someone – you want to win them over to your point of view.

Writing about violence in video games is a big topic, and it should be approached seriously. Use these tips to create a dissertation that will argue the point you, yourself, are convinced of.