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Easy Steps For Writing Each Paragraph Of You Essay

The basics of writing a paragraph for any kind of paper or essay are, the first sentence is a topic sentence, and then you have the supporting details of the topic sentence, and then a concluding sentence.  The thing to remember is that your paragraphs should only be about three to five sentences long and need to have a beginning, middle, and end.  This is done with every paragraph you write but when writing an essay or paper they are a little different with the information.

Introduction Paragraph

    The first sentence of this paragraph should be a great opening sentence, one that grabs the audience’s attention.

    Next you want to put in your thesis statement on your topic.

    The next sentence or two should give a brief description of what the essay is about.

    Last you will write a concluding sentence that transitions the reader to the body of the essay.

    Keep in mind that an introduction for your essay can be more than one paragraph depending on the word count required but should still have all of these elements.

Body Paragraphs

    The body of your essay is usually about three paragraphs long depending but can also be longer if required.

    Each paragraph of this part has to have one main point to support your topic.

    First you write the main point as a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph.

    Then a few sentences on the supporting evidence and facts that support that main idea but also referring to the topic of the essay.

    Then you will conclude the paragraphs that will transition the reader to the next paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph

    The conclusion is the hardest part for most students because they don’t know how to write a concluding paragraph.  They are written like any other paragraph but the information is different than in a introduction or body paragraphs.

    The first sentence is usually a restatement of the topic that the paper is on.  And then reinstate your thesis in the next sentence.

    Give a brief summary of all the main points that you made in the body of your essay.

    Connect all the point that you made on the topic of the paper.  You want to draw a conclusion to your research here.

    You could also call for further research or more action to be taken on the subject.  This doesn’t work will all topics but some.