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What Are The Best Ways To Organize Cause And Effect Essay?

Organization is a necessary skill in writing and in fact fundamental which one should be naturally endowed with. However, as you may have realized, not every student knows how to compose and present an organized piece of writing. An essay is an expression of thoughts through writing and based on the nature or category in which one falls, a student ought to be well versed with different requirements that come with such types as cause and effect writing. From the onset even before one starts writing, the topic should be able to shed some light on whether you are required to do a cause and effect piece of something else. It is all about taking note if the topic constitutes two constructs in which case one occurrence affects the other.

Definitively, a cause and effect essay should always take into account how one phenomenon triggers the occurrence of another or influences a situation. Well, what then are the best ways to organize such a piece of literature? Does it take the conventional organizational structure or format common with short articles? Because you want to convey your knowledge, opinions and perhaps feelings in the clearest way possible, it is important that a student knows on what foundations a cause and effect composition should be hinged. These should be the best means of structuring your writing so that it has coherence in terms of flow of ideas and messages. In this post, we delve into the best known ways of organization such a piece of composition.

Pitching your introduction

Cause and effect essays are always written with the way two constructs or variables relate in mind. On this premise, your introduction should introduce this thought in which case coming up with a good entry point is something you must get right. Talk about what your paper is going to look into thereafter before you can move to the next thing. This is your thesis statement.

Identifying the cause

Because this is the independent variable, it is time you indentified it the paragraph that follows introduction. In detail, show how the phenomenon has caused a situation because this is what readers will be looking out for the most.

Show the effects

The next stage after showing that a situation indeed exists and what has caused it, move on to do a prose of the results arising out of it or rather effects.