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What Are The Main Qualities Of A Good Reflective Essay?

A good reflective essay will be focused around a variety of main qualities that you will attempt to discuss. Essentially, a reflective essay will require you to write about yourself and your experiences, and how you have developed as a writer; therefore, there are various things that you need to consider whilst writing the work, with some of the main qualities outlined below.

Discussing the past

In order to create an effective reflective essay, it is important that you are able to analyze and provide relevant criticisms relating to your skills in the past. Essentially, in order to truly understand your progression, you need to know what you were like when you first started, and how your development has occurred.

Essentially, you will need to outline any difficulties that you might have experienced in the past, and what you might have done to improve yourself.

Discussing current strengths and weaknesses

As well as discussing the past, you should also identify how you feel things are in the present. In order to do this, it can be a good idea to try and identify any strengths or weaknesses that you feel you currently have.

It might be that you wish to combine discussions about the past with any current strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may wish to identify any weaknesses that you had in the past, and how you have attempted to develop yourself in order to improve areas that you were once weak at. In doing so, you can identify where you have improved yourself, in order to ensure that any areas that were once weak are now strong.

Discussing the future

Whilst a good reflective essay looks at the past and the present, the paper should also look towards the future as well. Essentially, whilst it may be tempting to simply reflect upon the situation as you know it, you should also be prepared to write about any future expectations, as well as any changes that you hope to make that will help you to develop as a person.

Example, you may wish to identify any weaknesses that you feel that you still have, and explain how it is that you hope to address these weaknesses, so as to improve yourself. In fact, there may be various weaknesses that you are currently working on, and you may wish to discuss how the current developments are going, and what you expect to happen in the future.