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How To Write An Essay On Poverty In The Us In 40 Minutes

Even those with the best intentions sometimes procrastinate when it comes to schoolwork. Fortunately, some tasks can be done in as little as 40 minutes. This is enough time to fit in before school, during study hall, or even on your lunch break. If you need to write an essay on poverty in the United States, here is the best way to get it done within 40 minutes.

#1: Choose Your Topic

Like any paper that you will write, the first step is choosing your topic. When you are crunched for time, this can seem like a difficult task. Here are a few ideas to get you started, so this portion of writing will take you five minutes or less:

  1. The Relationship between Homicide and Poverty in the United States
  2. The Cycle of Poverty: Can You Ever Escape?
  3. Personal Choice and Poverty: Can Individual Choices affect Poverty Levels?
  4. How the Wealthy View Poverty
  5. Ways to Reduce Poverty in the United States
#2: Complete Research

This step can usually be completed in ten minutes. As you research for your essay, be sure that you are choosing reputable sources. Otherwise, your facts will not provide a credible backing for the ideas that you present in your paper.

#3: Write an Outline

Once you have all of your facts, it is time to organize them. You can do this by writing them on note cards, creating a traditional outline, or using a thought map. Once you have an outline created, you will find that writing the essay will take a lot less time. This step should be completed in ten minutes.

#4: Write the Essay

If you have a well-written outline, then the actual writing time that you will spend on the paper should amount to about ten minutes. As you write, remember to add transitional words and phrases to help your writing flow. Additionally, do not worry too much about spelling and grammar. You can fix this in the next step.

#5: Proofread

Proofreading your final piece of writing should take no more than five minutes. You will read through your paper twice. First, check for readability. This includes making sure that your research paper flows, as well as being sure that the body paragraphs support your thesis. The second time you read through, look for spelling and grammar errors. This is the final step to writing your paper on poverty in the United States in 40 minutes.